Enjoy tree-filtered sunlight
at our cafe
in between tours


Relaxing coffee time on the open terrace Take a break in the wind and sun

Enjoy some leisurely coffee time caressed by the sun and the wind on our open terrace—an ideal spot for taking a break during your trip. You can also find handmade accessories and photos of the island for sale inside. Then, there is also the Take Nature Academy, which offers a total guide service that can guide you around the oceans and mountains, so feel free to ask about what kind of tours are available.



After moving here and making some friends, I started visiting various places on the island. The top of the cliff at Heart Rock is a popular trekking spot now, but back then it was a place where only those who really knew the island went. I finally found it after plowing through the jungle, with only a few keywords from friends to rely on—like I was on some kind of treasure hunt. Its ocean was an even deeper blue than the clear sky above it, and ever since that day, my friends and I have always found time to take new friends there to visit. It has even inspired some of my friends—those I always thought would live their entire lives on the island—to leave the island and follow their dreams on mainland Japan. We were eating lunch there one day, at that place of memories, when one of my friends made a joke and said it was like eating at "Heart Rock Cafe." The name stuck and proved to be perfect for our little operation. At Heart Rock Cafe, we prepare everything from scratch after taking your order. It may take a little time, but that time is perfect for forgetting the stress of city life, so relax and enjoy your wait, because our staff members pour their hearts into every item on the menu. There are two open terraces at Heart Rock Cafe—a seaside terrace offering you a view of the ocean and a tree-side terrace where trees dapple you in sunlight and birds come to visit. Our utmost hope is that can you look back over a slow-paced day enjoyed in the company of nature.



Ogasawara Coffee Typhoons have made Ogasawara coffee hard to come by, but we enlisted the help of a few farmers to bring you just a little bit in the form of a special blend. These days, each grain of Ogasawara coffee is extremely precious. To ensure none is wasted, we ask that you purchase a ticket, which will reserve your cup. Intag Coffee We roast this coffee in-house, to bring you the same aroma and freshness of organic coffee grown in the forests of Ecuador. We pour our hearts into every cup.

Shark Burger

Try some delicious Ogasawara shark!

There is currently a lot of fishing for swordfish in the waters off the Ogasawaras, where sperm whales can also be found. A byproduct of this swordfish catch is a variety of species of shark, but a lot of them are unfortunately de-finned (the fins are used in shark-fin soup) and thrown away. However, while a lot of sharks are shunned due to the smell of ammonia in their flesh, I heard from a local fisherman friend that some sharks are delicious when eaten raw as sashimi, and are even more delicious than white-flesh fish when fried, so I got him to get some for me. And that's where it all started. I thought to myself, "Someone has to bring this flavor into the light of day," and since then, something people would first eat because of its novelty now has a dedicated following of repeat customers. Enjoy some for yourself!
Healthy Curry Sometimes a burger just doesn't fill you up. Thus, our female cafe staff came up with the perfect solution—a healthy vegetable curry made from a blend of celery, carrots, onions, and a variety of other vegetables all blended together and spiced with local island peppers. We serve it adorned with a topping of fried fillets of island fish and garnished with original island-vegetable pickles. Even vegetable-haters love it!

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Enjoy tree-filtered sunlight at our cafe in between tours
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