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A Premium Ogasawara Resort Just For You

We wanted to provide accommodation so that visitors who had finally made it to the Ogasawara Islands could spend their time in comfort, and our project to create such accommodation began with that one concept.
However, there were problems—striving for luxury alone in a place that is all about Mother Nature would probably be harsh on the environment, but an "Eco" name tag alone was not evocative enough of the comfort required to soothe the stresses of city life that our visitors would be seeking to escape.
Thus, we combined the two in a balance of both comfort and "Eco," and incorporated an abundance of eco-technology to create accommodation that is both comfortable and gentle on the environment.
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We also have the Take Nature Academy, which is a total guide service that can introduce you to the oceans and mountains, so feel free to ask about what kind of tours we can put together for you.
Please also feel free to visit the seaside cafe, Heart Rock Cafe.

About Heart Rock Village

public A comfortable mini-resort

The village is the brainchild of the company director, Mr. Takesawa, who thought that it would be nice to enjoy a resort lifestyle in a place 100% shut off from the hustle and bustle of the city—a place called the Ogasawara Islands.
Having experienced both ultimate-budget and luxury travel according to the whims of his curiosity, Mr. Takesawa knew that luxury alone would not be a good fit for the islands, which are in the firm grip of Mother Nature, but he also knew that no one would be able to use their precious holidays to recharge their batteries in a place offering less comfort than their own home. Thus, he aimed for a mini-resort that offered comfort while also making use of nature.

public A terrace in the shade of banyan trees

Mr. Takesawa relates, "One of the pleasures of travel is meeting people. When I was a budget traveler in my teens, I stayed in many places in dormitory-style accommodation and really met a lot of people, some of whom I am still in contact with today. I don't consider public spaces where people just seem to gather somehow as useless, so I included many in the premises. Your privacy is ensured, but you can also connect with other people." I think this would be more clear and smooth. Please let me know what you think! That's all for now, but I am looking forward to hearing your ideas as well as the plan for Saturday!
We want you to feel close, like you are our neighbors here on the islands. For example, the stairway area on each of the spacious floors is also a smoking area, making it a place for those inclined to gather and talk, while others can chat among the banana and papaya trees in the laundry space in the backyard, surrounded by wells that are still usable even today.
Another open space is on the terrace, where you can relax and enjoy the end of an island day surrounded by symbolic banyan trees, availing yourself of the refreshments offered by the adjoining cafe.
Attention has been paid to using natural, solid wood in the private spaces of the guest room interiors, with high-quality materials such as teak and walnut imparting their sense of richness at even the slightest touch.
Each of the rooms also has its own private terrace affording you a view of the scenic ocean or verdant forest to help you realize your new location in an island paradise.
Heart Rock Village brings the Ogasawara experience to you.
Rooms come equipped with two single beds and a sofa bed, and like the deluxe rooms, feature teak flooring and single-piece walnut counters.



Heart Rock Village is a registered member of the Japan Ecolodge Association, and takes the environment into consideration in a variety of ways. These are too numerous to mention in their entirety, but we do put a lot of effort into even the small things visitors may not notice, so we would like to share a few with you here.
public Seafound

What seems like white plaster on the walls in the rooms is actually an eco-material called “sea found,” which uses scallop shells and is highly effective in regulating humidity. Scallops are of course consumed in great quantities as food, but the large amounts of shells left over had been dealt with as waste until now. However, they were developed into a product due to their porosity and ability, like activated charcoal, to absorb humidity and odors.

public Lava sidings

Heart Rock Village features some impressive rock-like walls called lava sidings, which are made by sticking thinly cut lava plates onto walls. Lava is porous and absorbs water easily, and is a good material for growing plants on the walls themselves. Uncovered walls get warm in the sun and contribute to the heat-island phenomenon, but by covering the walls themselves in greenery we have been able to contribute to helping to prevent global warming. There is even talk of a proposal for the same kind of lava sidings being used around metropolitan expressways.

public Double glazing

A great feature about Heart Rock Village is its use of large windows, enabling you to see the local scenery. Large windows always raise the question of heat transmission, but at Heart Rock Village all windows are double-glazed, offering a high level of thermal insulation.

public Wells

At Heart Rock Village, wells dating to prewar times have been renovated and given a modern look. The water comes from the hills behind the village, which have been revered as sacred since migration to the islands started, and the rain that falls there seeps into the ground and gushes forth to fill the wells at the bottom of the hills. These wells, which the island predecessors sweated hard to build, are now being used again for gardening and the like more than 60 years later.

public Banyan trees

The banyan tree is the symbol of Heart Rock Village. The ones at the entrance to the village have apparently been there since before the war, and some of the islanders with European ancestry claim that they may be close to 100 years old. In the initial planning stages of the village, there was a proposal to have them lopped and the terrace expanded, but the shade they provide looks and feels good, and after some pruning to keep them neat, they can exist within the town and yet still separate you from its bustle with the tranquil shade they provide.



public The food we serve at Heart Rock Village makes the maximum use of the merits of having an in-house farm. Enjoy our island fruit, vegetables, and fish. Our famous sea turtle cuisine is also available upon request. Be sure to mention to our staff if you are on your honeymoon or will be celebrating a birthday during your stay.


At Take Nature Academy, we offer full support for your journey to the Ogasawara Islands, blessed by nature in all its glory.

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