Ogasawara Ecotuourism Resort

Premium support for all aspects of your Ogasawara trip! Ogasawara Ecotourism Resort is all about ecology in its tours, cafes, and gifts.

Warm, clear ocean, home to dolphins and whales; mountains caressed with invigorating whispers of a cool breeze… Family and friends are precious to anyone. Thus, we thought about how we would want ours to enjoy their time on the islands when visiting the Ogasawaras, and then incorporated those ideas into a total guide service that provides visitors with the best the Ogasawara Islands have to offer. No going out in a boat when the seas are bad, and no hiking around mountains under the blazing sun—standard fare has its limits. We know the island, and we bring its best to you. Take, for example, the amazing nature on the islands—something to enjoy, something to respect, something to treat gently and coexist with comfortably; that is the idea that gave birth to our premium resort. We source our resort's food locally as a matter of course and keep wastage to a minimum. At Ogasawara Ecotourism Resort, we offer you a new proposition: That you enjoy your time on the island while getting a sense of everything its nature has to offer. The resort has a wonderful, open-terrace cafe, so why not come down for a cup of some delicious organic coffee? We all look forward to seeing you soon.

Your best option for the day

Experience a real eco-tour, from ocean tours of waters home to dolphins and whales and breathtaking tropical islands to land tours filled with unique island flora, fauna, and culture. Our tours are in small groups and tailored to the weather and other conditions of the day.

Relax in comfort, resort-style.

Enjoy the resort lifestyle at our Heart Rock Lodge, an eco-lodge that gives maximum consideration to the environment while embodying a new concept of not equating ecology with frugality.

Enjoy tree-filtered sunlight at our cafe in between tours

Enjoy the feeling you get from the smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with a sea breeze and tree-filtered sunlight. Ecology is the theme at our Heart Rock Cafe, which features a shark burger made from the catch of local fishermen.